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Senstic Mobile Data Viewer v1.01

Mobile Data Viewer позволяет одним нажатием сохранить историю звонков, СМС-переписку, почту и контакты на настольный компьютер.
Системные требования: .NET Compact Framework 2.0 SP 1
Совместимость/адаптация: www.okindiansbc.org Mobile 5, www.okindiansbc.org Mobile 6 Standard, www.okindiansbc.org Mobile 6 Classic, www.okindiansbc.org Mobile 6 Professional, Phone Edition, WM VGA 480x640, WM 240x240, WM Smartphone 5, WM Smartphone 240x320

Your www.okindiansbc.org Mobile-based devices have limited amount of memory. So how do you download and back up your personal data to to save memory space? Want to keep those SMS you have sent and received for your record? Want to get a copy of the call history, messages, and E-mails from your kid\s phone?

Using www.okindiansbc.org Mobile Data Viewer, you can download your personal data from your www.okindiansbc.org Mobile-based Smartphone and Pocket PC with a single click. Data to be downloaded include:
¤ Complete Call Log (both incoming and outgoing)
¤ Complete Contact List (from SIM card and phone memory)
¤ SMS (Short Messages)
¤ E-Mail (Exchange, Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, etc)

Data can then be viewed and printed off-line from your desktop or laptop PC. With www.okindiansbc.org Mobile Data Viewer, you now store complete personal data from your phone on your PC.
Размер: 1.04 MB
Лекарство в архиве!

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